We Made the (Fine) Cut

I have some wonderful news for our film.  We have been chosen by KCET to be included in their Fine Cut series, which features the best films from Southern California film schools --- on television!  Yup!  Hold For Laughs will be airing on TV at 9pm on January 31st, 2013.  And even though they have screened AFI films before, we are the first to be selected from the Directing Workshop For Women program.  Seriously?  Could it get any better?  Yes.  It can.  Because there is a party, and the cast and crew are invited.  It'll be like our high school reunion, without the awkward weight gain/hair loss.  Anyway, please tune in and watch Hold For Laughs on the small screen! 


Travels: Part Three

Did I mention we took the film to the Park City Film Music Festival?  So happy that Eric Jasper got recognized for his sad clown music.  It was perfect.


Travels: Part Two

How cool of the Capital City Film Fest to put together a special shorts program of just AFI DWW films! Extra added coolness points for including Hold For Laughs in the line up. Read all about it in this article from the Lansing Collective.


Travels: Part One

Our HDCam tape just returned from holiday in Florida, at the 26th Annual Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, where it got a lovely golden tan. We are now re-packing its suitcase with fleece and wool for it's trip up to Canada, for the 18th Annual Victoria Film Festival. Bon Voyage!


We Win!

Hold for Laughs is the recipient of the 2011 DWW/Jean Picker Firstenberg Award for Excellence. Jean Picker Firstenberg was the CEO and Director of the American Film Institute from 1980 until her retirement in 2007. This award is given every year to one film from the Directing Workshop for Women. I wish I could make a joke here, but I can't. I'm serious about my gratitude. Dead serious. Thank You!!!!!


Hold No Longer

Dying to see this short film? Come to the AFI Mark Goodson Theater on Thursday, June 16th. 7pm and 8:30pm screenings. Refreshments. Laughs. Teenagers. Tears. And varieties of plaid.


The AFI Directing Workshop for Women 2011 Showcase

Mark your calendars! May 9th is the big night, when Hold for Laughs will screen for the first time before an enormous and captive audience at the beautiful 600 seat DGA Theater! It's the springtime event we've all been waiting for---just like senior prom, only this time, way less stressful because we don't have to slow dance for the first time while also drunk for the first time! See you there...